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Decoding Nail Polish Labels: What Does It All Mean?

Ever seen nail polishes labeled as "3-free", "5-free" or even "10-free"? This can be confusing! Those numbers tell you how many not-so-great chemicals the polish doesn't have. Let's break it down:

The "Toxic Trio" to Avoid:

  1. Toluene: Smells super strong and can give you headaches.

  2. Formaldehyde: A harsh chemical that can irritate your skin and eyes.

  3. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP): Messes with things in your body called hormones.

What the Numbers Mean:

  • 3-Free: No "toxic trio" – that's a good start!

  • 5-Free: Also skips formaldehyde resin (makes polish hard) and camphor (a weird-smelling yellow thing).

  • 7-Free: Even more chemicals left out, like xylene and parabens.

  • 10+-Free: The cleanest kind, often ditching things like animal ingredients too.

Why Go "Free"?

Traditional nail polish chemicals can be absorbed by your body. Choosing polishes with higher "free" numbers means:

  • Better for your health: Reduces your exposure to harsh stuff.

  • Kinder to the planet: Many of these polishes are even vegan!

Don't Worry, They Still Work!

"Free" polishes might need an extra coat, but come in all the awesome colours and finishes you could want! Think of it like choosing healthier food – still yummy, just better for you.

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